Ryan North, How to Take Over the World: Practical Schemes and Scientific Solutions for the Aspiring Supervillain

Really good popular science book – clearly written, detailed, with fun illustrations. Guessing that 50% or more of the information will soon be outdated, but the remainder is enough to make it re-readable. On my personal rating scale of: “Avoid everyone who likes anything this person wrote” to “Reread whenever I need a pick-me-up” this is a solid “Re-read pieces when in a hurry”.


  1. Avoid everyone who likes anything this person ever wrote
  2. People who like this are suspicious but might be ok
  3. Avoid this author
  4. Avoid this book
  5. No point finishing
  6. Won’t re-read, but it was time well spent
  7. Seek out other books by this author
  8. Might re-read, especially in short pieces
  9. Set aside for re-reading
  10. Re-read regularly
  11. Re-read when sad or tired
  12. Seek out other people who like books by this author

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