Cool things about color I learned today:

  1. When Newton said “blue” he may have meant what we mean by “cyan”. Ish. Newton seems to have seen indigo as a shade of blue. Neil Gaiman, on the other hand, sees indigo as a shade of purple.
  2. There’s a CSS color (#663399) named Rebecca Purple (warning – this one is terribly sad)
  3. Hanuno’o language, from Philippines, has four color categories that are distinguished by light/dark and red/green and at the same time indicate wetness/dryness and strength/weakness

This is a good place to put my favorite links about color:

  1. Visualization of color in cultures
  2. Himba colors
  3. Changing how you talk about color (“this is a purple pencil” vs “this is a pencil that’s purple”) affects how well a toddler will identify colors. Also, toddlers seem to identify colors by the same mechanism horses use to do arithmetic, i. e. by responding to the non-verbal signals of their handler.
  4. Obligatory xkcd