Tree Nook

This was my first book nook, made entirely from scratch. Геройству что виною было? Скупость. I just can’t bear the thought of paying over $200 and getting something that isn’t perfectly the way I imagined it.

Apparently my idea of the perfect cozy place is an apartment building populated by people I like. This surprised the heck out of me. I blame the influence of my MIL and her children’s stories.
Of course there’s a cozy balcony with a cat and a table for drinking tea while reading

Sunny Town

This is another CoolKatz Craft book nook, the Traditional Christmas Intrigue. I’m not a Christmas person.

What made this one special is the kids participating. E made the person in the window (intended to represent them) and decided that their best friend lives in the white house. Y made the gondola and decided that the person to live in the magic-and-books house must be E. They themselves, obviously, occupy the cat house on the right.


This is Venice Alley from Cool Catz Craft, but I decided not to follow directions.

This Venice is fully submerged on a regular basis, which is why it’s inhabitants are mercats and octopuses. The summer months, when water retreats and exposes the buildings, are giant lotus season.
I am particularly happy with how the black cat came out. You can juuuust see it peeking around the corner.

It reminds me of my favorite day in Venice, June 7 of 2002. I delayed at St. Mark’s Square to see what the pigeons would do when it got covered with water. Turns out the pigeons, unlike myself, can fly and simply moved to the masts of the boats moored nearby. I, however, walked back to my hotel in the rain, waist-deep in warm water. It was exhilarating.