What is Naka learning and crafting? This is going to be a list of projects that I’m working on and things that I’m learning. The plan is to update it continuously.

SkillStatusHow is it?Links etc.
SingingTemporary break, need a different teacherSuper fun and validating, got a full note lower down, starting on 1.5 and the upper notes feel much easier and more pleasant
PythonKinda slowGot a fun project, but still lazy
HTMLNot startedNeed to combine with Python
Bystander trainingFutureFeels important
DrawingOngoing, but slowReally fun, but hard to start each drawing
Book nooksNext up – adding snow into the Giant Nook. Don’t change the channel!
Art stationTotally done, and it came out greatJust right
Wire dolls with shellsWell, I know what it’ll look like
Window mirrorAll doneMay want to add some flowers – tried stickers and drawings, both aren’t right, so probably clay
Paper globesDonePretty great, but only because of B
Fairy houseGot the ingredients
PumpkinI know what it’ll be like

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