Favorite Places

Mono Lake


  • Red Oak II, Missoura by late Lowell Davis It is a ghost town that was never alive, a Bradbury book come to life. It’s more true than reality. It’s just off route 66 and I’d come to Missouri just to see it.
  • Bottle Tree Ranch created by late Elmer Evan Long is wild art that grew in the middle of a desert from some things collected by the artist and some things reverently brought by admirers of his vision.
  • The Gregangelo Museum is San Francisco magic, over-the-top exuberance of circus! aliens! magic! yeti! and pure joy of color and light. It sounds corny, but, being magic, is not.
  • SF POPOS – a city making place for people in the middle of skyscrapers, best way to see office-as-cathedral
  • Mono Lake – yellow grass, blue sky, mountains of white merengue. It can’t really be described, but it’s one of the loveliest places I’ve ever seen.

In Italy:

  • Venice. There’s no part of it that isn’t wondrous.
  • Fonte Branda, Siena. Siena is beautiful, but very much not for me – too hot, too red, too stony, too bright. It’s overwhelming, and then suddenly one comes upon Fonte Branda, which is cool, and dark, and beautiful, and quiet, and green. I think I could’ve stayed there forever.
  • Giardino Bardini, Florence. I was dead tired when I came there, too tired to even speak to the waitress. Fortunately, she was too professional to care. Blue tea, pink roses, white statues, green river, red roofs, blue mountains, white sky. A floating island of rest and grace.

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