Notes for the next trip

  1. Keep screenshots of all hotel reservations, tickets and visas in a separate chat
  2. Double-check all scheduling using the local time zone
  3. Bring only one pair of shoes
  4. Do not bring a neck pillow
  5. Do not bring extra warm layers – one of each is enough (e. g. one sweater, one jacket…)
  6. Bring smaller medicine bottles
  7. Bring more stomach meds
  8. Bag the razor
  9. Bring hats with visors
  10. Bring hand sanitizer
  11. Bring museum membership cards
  12. Leave vaccination cards
  13. Pick restaurants with breakfast. Even a bad breakfast is better than nothing.
  14. Do not pick restaurants on shopping streets – go at least one block away
  15. Pack snacks
  16. Buy at least one local SIM card to have a local phone number

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