Washington, DC 2

Oddly enough the 30+ degree heat is not too bad, nor is the humidity. In fact, I could use a bit more of the latter – the grey rainy weather is wonderful. I’m not really enjoying the sun, but the rain this morning was wonderful.

There is a lot of greenery everywhere, and all of it is either blooming or fruiting. Hibiscus flowers are amazing irl.

The kids were still very jetlagged and unhappy because of lack of sleep, so did not take heat well. They did perk up for a bit when faced with a row of 20+ food trucks in front of the museum of Natural History, at least half of which were selling ice-cream and boba, but Younger’s ice-cream turned out to be yogurt, and Older was just plain miserable. So, we decided to skip walking the National Mall, and went to the Natural History museum. It was amazingly beautiful.

There are random unconnected areas. We went to Mammals (Older Kid), Cell Phones (accident), Butterflies (joint decision), Insects (while waiting for butterflies), and three gift shops (Younger kid). Gems were insanely crowded, we peeked in and went right out.

Mammals are mainly stuffed mammals, which excited Older and saddened Younger and myself.

My top three things about that section were the statue of the Earliest Mammalian Ancestor

The elephant family tree (I would love having something like this on the wall)

Insects were great, and I could’ve used more of them.

Overall, each section was too small, and none had enough explanations, but I may just be spoiled.

The butterfly garden was small, but very full of butterflies and fragnant. It will, however, have to be a separate post 🙂

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